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Heaters for Lectron Carbs

$249.00 CAD + Shipping

Select Your Radiator Hose Inner Diameter

17mm hose adapters - Most Yam, Hon, Kaw, Suz

20mm hose adapters - Most KTM, Husqvarna

Frozen carburetors are a common problem for winter riders and can be extremely dangerous for both the rider and the bike. We have developed a slide heater specifically for Lectron carburetors that heats the slide body and reduces the chances of your slide freezing open. Unlike other carb heaters on the market, this heater will not heat the incoming air and does not cause airbox fitting issues. Heater kits come complete with the heater body, inlet and outlet hose adapters, hose, and clamps for installation.

Carburetor heaters must be used in conjunction with a thermostat to ensure proper coolant temperature otherwise your coolant may never become warm enough for the heater to be effective.